Kitesurfing in Cagliari, Giorgino Kite Beach

Kitesurf at Giorgino Kite Beach Cagliari Sardinia
Kitesurf at Giorgino Kite Beach Cagliari Sardinia

The Kite Beach of Giorgino is a free Kite Beach open to all Kitesurfers: No fees are required. The only obligations for kiters that like to kitesurf at Giorgino kite beach are:

  1. All Kiters must have an insurance specific for kitesurfing. If you are a Kiteboarding FIV affiliated, if you have a VDWS card for Kiteboarding or if you have any other card suitable for kitesurfing with insurance, that is fine. If you do not have a kite card with the above requirements, you need to do it. If you wish, you can subscribe to our Kiteschool and Sport Association with a fee of 25 euro: the fee will includes a Kite card with insurance (you can find the insurance coverage at this page) that can be used all over the world.
  2. Kiters not yet independents (ie: kiters that do not have good kite control, still unable to relaunch the kite from the water, that do not have a good body drag level, that do not know all the safety rules) must take kitesurf lessons until a proper kite level will be reached. Safety First of all!
  3. Kites shall be armed and landed in the proper area.

Cagliari Kite Beach of Giorgino: Description of the Kite Spot

Kite Lessons in Cagliari, Giorgino Kite Beach
Kite Lessons in Cagliari, Giorgino Kite Beach

The Giorgino Kite Spot, called by the Kiters also Little George, is a kite spot located 5 minuter by car from the center of Cagliari, heading towards Capoterra, right after the new Canal Harbor.

It is a beach for kitesurfing, especially with the thermal wind (which usually blows from March / April to October) At Giogino beach there are no swimmers, usualy because a lot of seagrass that can cause some problems also to kitesurfers.

Kite Beach Cagliari
Kite Beach Cagliari


The wind at Giorgino, Cagliari

Giorgino Kite Beach Cagliari
Giorgino Kite Beach Cagliari

The best wind is thermal wind that blows in absence of perturbations. Theaml wind usually blows constantly with an intensity between 12 to 18 knots.

Other winds good for kitesurfing at Giorgino are all eastern and southern winds that sometimes could give even small waves.

The mistral comes side off. During the summer season, with the open Kite Area and a boat rescue, it could be possible to kite even with the mistral

How to get to Giorgino’s Kite Area

From Cagliari, take the “Strada Statale” SS 195 towards Pula – Chia.

Immediately after the Scafa bridge (in Italian, Ponte della Scafa), there is the entrance to the first part of Giorgino, where is located the small and old “Fishermen Village“, famous for the fish Festival that takes place every September. To get to the Giorgino Kite Area, you do not have to turn to the Fishermen Village but you should continue along the SS 195 until the road passes from 4 to 2 lanes. Right here, on the left you could find the Giorgino Kite Area.

For those who have a navigator / Mobile with GPS, the coordinates of the spot are:


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