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Welcome dear kiter of future kiter! 🙂

This is our welcome page for the people that would  attend a kite lesson, a kite course or a kite camp with us. Here you could find some useful information regarding your kite course or kite camp, and some useful tip on Cagliari, the capital of Sardinia Island.

We hope you will have a good time in Sardinia with all of us 🙂

1. Notes on Kite Lessons / Kite Courses / Kite Camps

1.1 Kite Mini Guide

Here below you could find our Kitesurfing Mini Guide. Guide has been done by our Kiteschool and can give you a boost if you read it before the kite course. Furthermore, we suggest you to read, after each “day of kite”, the related part to the kite lesson done in order you could learn even better what you have learned during the lesson.

1.2 Kite Service Payment

The full amount of the kite service (table of prices is here: www.kitegeneration.com/prices) shall be paid before or at the first kite lesson / the first day of kite camp Payment can be done:

  • by cash.
  • by paypal (by adding 3% of commission) to the mail: kitegeneration@gmail.com
  • by bank transfer to the here below bank account:
    • Holder of account: KiteGeneration SRLS
    • Kiteschool address: Via Giardini 15, 09127 Cagliari (CA), Italy
    • IBAN:  IT42R0306904852100000004933
    • Bank Address (Filiale 13808): Viale Bonaria Palazzo CIS SNS, 09125 Cagliari (CA)
  • by VISA or Mastercard credit card (no American Express or other cards) by adding 2% of commission

And in case of lack of wind?

In case it will be impossible to complete your kite course because of lack of wind you will be refunded in proportion to the taken hours. No refund is provided for other reasons not depending by us or by weather conditions.

1.3 Where and at What time our classes take place

We are based in Cagliari, Sardinia.

Depending on wind conditions, for teaching kitesurfing we move to different spots in the South of Sardinia. In fact Sardinia is a very windy island (for more info on weather conditions in Sardinia have a look at this article). We can’t guarantee the availability of wind always in the same spot but we can almost always reach a windy spot!
Kite Lessons in Cagliari, Sardinia
Kite Lessons in Cagliari, Sardinia

Usually our classes are taken in the spots around Cagliari (15-20 minutes by car from the city center) or in the south-west-east coast of Sardinia (approximately 1 hour by car from the city center), depending on the blowing wind.

Classes usually start after 12 pm, with some cases of early morning classes (starting at 9-10 am) or late afternoon (starting at 3-4 pm) when particular weather conditions or several other courses are present.
Depending on wind conditions, the spots that we reach and where we teach kitesurf could be:

Obviously we cannot be sure there will be wind all the days, but moving in different spots we could offer classes almost everyday.

Planning of Kite Lessons is done the evening of day before (after checking the final wind forecasts); each student will know from the day before the meeting time and point and the spot where the kite lessons will be done 🙂

1.4 Kite Spot Coordinates

Click on the Kite spot name to be redirect to Google Maps

1.5 Kite Equipment

Each day, we are giving to each student some kite equipments like Harness, wetsuit, Helmet, sea shoes (if necessary); each student would be responsible for that equipment.

What does mean that?

That, in particular after the lessons,  you shall take care about the equipment, keep / bring with it with you and tell to the instructor where you are leaving it. The equipment shall be rinsed, and not left on the sand because, being it wet, all the sand will stick  on it.

1.6 Start and End of Kite Lessons

Our “Kite hour” is 60 minutes (some Kite center, consider the hour as 50 minutes).

Lessons will start 5 minutes after the instructor will give you the kite equipment. Lessons will finish when the kite is packed (if you are the last student of the day) or when the instructor will tell you “the lesson is finish”.

Usually we have many lessons and students everyday and everybody shall be on time in order to respect the other student-kitesurfers and the instructors.

2. Tips for the City of Cagliari

Here under some tips for the city of Cagliari:

Places where to have a Breakfast

  • Piemontese
    • Address: Via Francesco Cocco Ortu 39
  • Pirani
    • Address: Via Antonio Pacinotti 11
  • Coronas
    • Address: Via S. Giovanni, 269, 09127 Cagliari CA

⁠⁠Places for Aperitivo

  • Tiffany (from 19:00 h till 21:00 h)
    • Address: Via Lodovico Baylle, 133, 09124 Cagliari CA
    • Prices: Snacks + Drink (Juice or Coke or Beer or Spritz) = 5 euro per person
  • La Locanda Caddeo (from 19:00 h till 22:00 h)
    • Address: Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 1a, 09124 Cagliari CA
    • Prices: Snacks + Drink (Juice or Coke or Beer or Spritz) = 6 euro per person


  • Il Fantasma 2
    • Address: Via San Domenico 77
    • Prices: pizza + beer = approximately 13 euro per person
  • Oca Bianca
    • Address: Via Napoli 38
    • Prices: pizza + beer = approximately 15 euro per person
  • Vai Che Ce N’è di Più
    • Address: Viale Monastir, 53, 09122 Cagliari CA
    • Prices: pizza + beer = approximately 10-12 euro per person

Fish Trattorias / Restaurants

  • Lilliccu (it is a very nice tipical trattoria)
    • Address: Via Sardegna 78
    • Prices: starter, first, second, home wine, sardinian liquor = approximately 35 euro per person
  • Stella Marina di Monte cristo
    • Address: Via Sardegna 140
      Prices: starter, first, second, home wine, sardinian liquor = approximately 35 euro per person

Meat and Fish Restaurants

  • Terra e Mari
    • Address: Via Barcellona 32
    • Prices: starter, first, second, home wine, sardinian liquor = approximately 25 euro per person

Very Good home made Burgers

  • Polpas
    • Address: Via Giovanni Maria Angioy 22
    • Prices: Burger + bear + home made chips = 13 euro per person

Pizzettas (Tipycal from Cagliari)

  • Pizzetta sfoglia
    • Note/Prices: In all the bars for breakfast or like aperitizer
      1 euro each pizzetta
  • Pizzetta al taglio:
    • Note/Prices: In all the “pizzetta al taglio” pizzerias (they are take away)
      1.50 / 2 euro each pizzetta

Pastry and pizzetta during the night

  • Manuel
    • Address: Via San Giovanni 392
    • Note: Opens from 23 pm  and it never closes up to the next morning
    • Prices: 1 euro / 1.20 euro per pastry / Pizzetta

Bar and Pubs for the Night

  • Go to one this areas:
    • Piazza Yenne
    • Piazza Savoia
    • Bastione di Santa Croce (Lybarium)
    • Piazza San Domenico
    • Corso Vittorio Emanuele
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