Sardinia Kitesurfing Spots: the Best Kite Beaches for Kitesurfing Sardinia

Are you coming to Sardinia for your Holidays and would you like to learn to Kitesurfing? Or are you planning a Kite Holiday in Sardinia and you like to know the best Sardinia Kitesurfing Spots for Kitesurfing Sardinia?

On this page you could find all the information you need to know about Kitesurfing in Sardinia. Save time and learn from people that know the Sardinia kite spots!

Sardinia Kitesurfing Spots: The best Kitesurfing Spots of Sardinia where to Learn to Kitesurf and enjoy kite
Sardinia Kitesurfing Spots: wave spot

Kitesurfing Sardinia: introduction

Sardinia, known all over the world for its beautiful landscapes and beaches, is a paradise for kitesurfing lovers. In fact, many of its several beaches are windy and perfect for Kitesurfing.

The east of Sardinia is generally not very windy and therefore not perfect for kitesurfing. Even the west coast of the island, with the exception of wave Kite spot of Capo Mannu and Mari Ermi, does not have, in general, beaches with good conditions for kitesurfing.

Instead, the north and in particular the south of Sardinia have excellent conditions and kite spots for kitesurfing.

Therefore, in this review of kitesurfing in Sardinia, we will focus on the kite spots and conditions of the North and of the South of Sardinia.

Important: In Sardinia the wind direction could change even everyday. Mistral (NW), Scirocco (SE), Libeccio (SW), Levante (E),  Thermal Wind, etc, can blow from a day to another one.

As example of what has been said above, you can have look at the following image. It shows the wind forecast for the days of 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28 January 2018: those forecasts show winds that change direction and intensity every day.

xample of Wind Forecast in Sardinia: the wind Change direction and Intensity every day
Example of Wind Forecast in Sardinia

So what to do? The suggestion is to contact a Kite School like our Kitesurf Center, that move to different kite spots depending on blowing wind. In any cases, it is strongly recommended to have a car to move to the different kite spots.

Sardinia Kitesurfing Spots: differences between North and South Sardinia Kite Spots

The main differences between the Sardinia Kitesurfing Spots of South and of North are related to:

  • the quality of the wind,
  • the air and sea temperatures,
  • the number of kitesurfing spots.

Winds in Sardinia

In North Sardinia, the most frequent winds are the Mistral (North-West wind), the Tramontana (North wind) and the Grecale (North-East est). Here in the North, these winds are gusty because the nearby Corsica.

In South Sardinia, the most frequent winds are the Mistral, the Sirocco (South-East wind) and, in some locations, the thermal wind. Here in the South Sardinia, the winds are usually much more steady than the North of the island.

Temperatures in Sardinia

The air temperatures in the North Sardinia could be even several degrees lower than the temperature in the South Sardinia, in all seasons.

Even the water temperatures are higher in the South Sardinia than the North. Temperatures of the sea in Sardinia are approximately 23-25°C during the Summer, between 21 and 15 °C during the Winter.

For more info on weather conditions in Sardinia you can have a look at the article Discover the kitespots and weather conditions of Southern Sardinia .

The Best South Sardinia Kitesurfing Spots

Best Sardinia Kitesurfing Spots: Review of the best Kite Spot of Sardinia
Best Sardinia Kitesurfing Spots

Until recently. Kitesurfing in Sardinia was associate with Porto Pollo, famous for the events hosted in the past.

In recent years, however, many people have chosen the south of Sardinia for kitesurfing. That is the reason why this part of the island is having a boom with kitesurfing.

The reason for this choice is probably due to the fact that in the Southern Sardinia there are much  more kite spots than in the north, the temperatures are generally higher and the probability to find steady winds is very high. In fact, the coast from Villasimius, in the south-east Sardinia, to Funtanamare, in the south-west of Sardinia, is probably one of the windiest places of Europe.

Furthermore, another factor that should not be underestimated is that, in the south Sardinia, the prices for accommodations and services are, in general, lower than in the north of the island.

Here below you can find information on the Best South Sardinia Kitesurfing Spots that are usually good both for beginners and advanced, where you can kitesurf and in most of cases have kite lessons.

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Kitesurfing Cagliari, Sardinia

Cagliari has two beaches suitable for kitesurfing:

  • Poetto Beach,
  • Giorgino Kite Beach.

Poetto beach, the main beach of Cagliari, has a sandy bottom, and is a perfect kite spot out of the summer season (in the summer season, Poetto Beach is too crowded). The best winds to kitesurf at Poetto Beach are the Libeccio (South West), the Scirocco (South East), the Levante (East) and the Thermal wind (local wind not predictable from the weather forecast). Strong winds from East create waves and in those conditions, beginners should go to the Poetto of Quartu Sant’Elena or to Punta Trettu.

Giorgino Kite Beach is the kite spot of Cagliari in the Summer season. It is a Thermal wind kite spot: during the sunny and warm days of the summer. At Giorgino Kite Beach the wind can blows up to 15 knots.

Sardinia Kitesurfing Spots: Kitesurfing Giorgino, Kite Beach in Cagliari perfect with the Thermal wind during the Summer Season
Sardinia Kitesurfing Spots: Kitesurfing Giorgino

Kitesurfing Petrol Beach, Sardinia

Petrol Beach, as the Kitesurfers call La Maddalena Spiaggia, is located in the municipality of Capoterra, 15 minutes from Cagliari.

As Giorgino Kite Beach, Petrol Beach is a perfect kite spot with the thermal wind that usually blows well from April to August, if there are no other winds of perturbation (low pressure).

While the thermal wind at Giorgino kite beach is better if the weather forecast predict a light wind from east, the thermal wind at at Petrol beach is better if the weather forecast predict a light wind from south-east.

If the weather forecasts predict no wind and sun, the thermal wind will blow at Petrol Beach.

Sardinia Kitesurfing Spots: Kitesurfing Petrol Beach, kite spot close to Cagliari perfect with the thermal wind
Sardinia Kitesurfing Spots: Kitesurfing Petrol Beach

Kitesurfing Villasimius, Sardinia

Villasimius, in the south west of Sardinia, is famous for its beautiful beaches. Some of these beaches are even good kite spots, especially during the low season (from October to May). Kitesurfing in Villasimius during the summer season is not easy because the correct winds will not always blow and because a boat / rubber dinghy is needed to launch the kite 200 m away from the beach (Villasimius is very crowded in the summer season),

The best beaches for kitesurfing in VIllasmius are Campulongu , with the winds blowing from South-West (Libeccio) or West, and Porto Giunco, with the wind blowing from North-East.

Sardinia Kitesurfing Spots: Kitesurfing Villasimius, great kite spot with North-East wind
Sardinia Kitesurfing Spots: Kitesurfing Villasimius

Kitesurfing Porto Botte, Sardinia

Porto Botte is a bay in the south-west of Sardinia. It is well known as very good kite spots with the wind from North-West (Mistral).

In Porto Botte there are three different kite spots where the wind decrease when going from the Northern spot to the Southern spot.

Porto Botte is suitable both for beginners and advanced kiters. Anyway, Punta Trettu is more suitable for beginners because the flat and shallow water.

Sardinia Kitesurfing Spots: Kitesurfing Porto Botte, Perfect Kite Spot with Mistral
Sardinia Kitesurfing Spots: Kitesurfing Porto Botte

Kitesurfing Punta Trettu, Sardinia

Punta Trettu, located in the South West of Sardinia, in the municipality of San Giovanni Suergiu, is considered one of the best Kite Beaches in Sardinia and Europe: Flat and shallow water with steady wind, a Kite Paradise.

In Punta Trettu, the kitesurfers can stand up and walk for hundred meters.

The best winds for kitesurfing in Punta Trettu are the South -East (Sirocco) and North-West (Mistral).

For more information on Punta Trettu, refer to the page Kitesurfing Punta Trettu and to Kite Punta Trettu.

Sardinia Kitesurfing Spots: Kitesurfing Punta Trettu, the best kite spot in Sardinia with flat shallow water and steady winds
Sardinia Kitesurfing Spots: Kitesurfing Punta Trettu

Kitesurfing Lessons in Sardinia with KiteGeneration

Being SardiniaKIte Paradise with the best kite beaches in the world, if you are looking for something exciting during your holidays in Sardinia, do not underestimate the idea of ​​join a kitesurf course: a healthy sport, in direct contact with the sea and nature, and incredibly adrenaline!

If you like to learn to kitesurf in Sardinia, you can have a look on the kite courses and lessons of KiteGeneration.

Based in Cagliari and Punta Trettu, KiteGeneration is a Kitesurf Center based both in Punta Trettu and in Cagliari, in Sardinia. Punta Trettu (considered one ot the best kite spots in Europe) and Cagliari are very windy places and, usually, in one of these two locations they can be found the right wind conditions for Kitesurfing. KiteGeneration chooses the kite spot for lessons on daily basis depending on weather conditions. So, depending on the blowing wind, usually kite services of KiteGeneration could be taken in Punta Trettu (in the south-west-east coast of Sardinia where is located also the KiteGeneration Punta Trettu Kitesurf House & Bar) or in the kite spots around Cagliari (approximately 20 minutes by car from the city center). Sometimes KiteGeneration could give kite lessons also in other kite spots of Southern Sardinia (e.g. Villasimius and Porto Botte), but only in particular cases and favorable weather conditions. So, definitely, KiteGeneration Kitesurf Center can guarantee its services only in Cagliari and in Punta Trettu.


The Kite Spots where KiteGeneration could have kitesurfing lessons are Cagliari, GiorginoPetrol Beach, Villasimius, Punta Trettu, Porto Botte.

KiteGeneration proposes, among others, the following kite services:

What are you waiting for? Get in contact with KiteGeneration and book your kite Lessons or your Kite Camp in Sardinia!

Kitesurfing Lessons in Sardinia: Kite Course for Beginners
Kitesurfing Lessons in Sardinia: Kite Course for Beginners

The Best North Sardinia Kitesurfing Spots

As mentioned earlier,  in North Sardinia, the most frequent winds are the North-West (Mistral), the North (Tramontana) and the North-East wind (Grecale). Those winds are often gusty because disturbed by the Corsica island.

The most famous North Sardinia kitesurfing spot is surely Porto Pollo. Other good spots are Badesi and San Teodoro.

Kitesurfing Porto Pollo, Sardinia

Porto Pollo, located in the municipality of Palau, is a very famous kite spot. . This long beach is located in one of the windiest kite spots of Sardinia.

Porto Pollo has two separated windsurfing and kitesurfing zones.

Usually the winds in Porto Pollo are gusty and the sea water is not so warm so a wetsuit is almost always needed even in the summer season.

In Porto Pollo there are some kiteschools where kitesurfing lessons can be arranged.

Sardinia Kitesurfing Spots: kitesurfing Porto Pollo, one of the most famous kite spot in Sardinia
Sardinia Kitesurfing Spots: kitesurfing Porto Pollo

Kitesurfing Badesi, Sardinia

Badesi is place located in the north of Sardinia, 50 km far from Olbia. The long beach of Badesi is really beautiful.

Exposed to the Mistral wind, Badesi is a great wave kite spot, so suitable for experts.

Kitesurfing San Teodoro, Sardinia

San Teodoro, 30 minutes from Olbia, has a long beach, La Cinta, suitable for kitesurfing. This kite spot with North or East winds. a north or south-west direction.

You can find some Surf & Kite school in the center of San Teodoro, where kitesurfing lessons can be arranged and kite equipment can be rented.

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