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Streaming of the Kite Foil World Championship 2017 in Cagliari, Sardinia

Streaming of the KiteFoil World Championship 2017 in Cagliari, Sardinia (Italy).

Even in this 2017, Cagliari in Sardinia will host the fantastic show of Kitesurfing: In fact, between the  4 and the 8 of October 2017, at Poetto Beach f Cagliari, the capital of Sardinia island, it will take place the Kite Foil World Championship 2017.

After the Kite Worlds 2002, after the Kiteboard Racing World Championships in 2012, after the Youth and Master Kite World Championships 2014 and after the Kite Foil European Championships 2016, Cagliari once again became the world’s kite center.

International Kiteboarding comes back to beautiful Poetto Beach -Cagliari after the World Championship Racing in 2012 and in leading Italian resort island of Sardinia after the IKA World Kite League of last year in Porto Pollo.

This time Cagliari will host the IKA Kite Foil Gold Cup World Championships FINAL. It is the final event, the one that will assign the world title, in a tour that touched already this year Korea, France and China two times.

The IKA event will take place in the location called ‘Esercito’, managed by the Army.

Sixty riders are expected from all over the world but the biggest contingent will come from France where kite foil exploded.

Total prize money will reach €20.000.

The reigning world champion MAXINE NOCHER (from Montecarlo) will have to match the strong French team including the vice world champion NICO PARLIER and AXEL MAZELLA.

Good chances also for THEO LHOSTIS from France and the British brothers GUY and OLIVER BRIGHT, all on top of the ranking separated by few points.

For the Italian fans the cheering will go to best ranked RICKY LECCESE (based in South America) but also hopes are placed on a good performance of veterans SIMONE VANNUCCI, MARIO CALBUCCI and ANDREA BEVERINO.

In the ladies fleet USA leader DANIELA MOROZ will try to retake the world title but has to watch out from Russian ELENA KALININA.

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