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Mobile Webcam Weather Station – Testing phase 1

After a lot of patience, time and hard work, we can say, with a bit of optimism, we are getting it: the Mobile Webcam Weather Station should be ready to be completed.

what is the Mobile Webcam Weather Station

It is a small autonomous weather station, designed by the team of Kitegenerationequipped with solar paneldata transmission system via GSM / GPRS and webcam, which is able to provide real-time images and weather data (wind intensity and direction, rain, temperature and pressure) of the place where the station is installed through an easy website interface.

The idea of Kitegeneration team is to install an Mobile Webcam Weather Station in each kitesurfing spots for knowing in real time the weather conditions of spots (it is not our interesting to list the many other fields in which the Instant weather Station can be used) while sitting at home or simply looking at a Smartphone.

Mobile Webcam Weather Station strengths

  1. It is equipped with sensors for detection and measurement of Wind, Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, Rain;
  2. it is equipped with a camera to get real pictures of place where the station is installed;
  3. It is completely autonomous, as supplied with, solar panel and battery backup (the only power source is the sun),  GSM / GPRS for data transmission (GPRS network is probably the most widespread network on the planet and for this reason with the Mobile Webcam Weather Station it is possible to survey the weather conditions in places not reached by internet and electricity).
  4. It is low cost if compared with similar weather stations.

What else to say? …  Coming soon!


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