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Kitessurfing is Corona Virus – Covid-19 Free: info & safety and hygiene measures for Kitesurfing in Sardinia

With the italian government decree of 26 April 2020, from 4 May 2020 it will be possible to carry out outdoor sports activities. Kitesurfing is therefore allowed, by respecting the measures to contain the covid-19 – Corona Virus, and in compliance with local ordinances. In this page are explained:

  • the decrees and the legislative ordinances that allow to kitesurf in Sardinia;
  • the safety and hygiene measures taken by KiteGeneration to learn to kitesurf and to access to its facilities in Safety.

Kitesurfing is allowed in Sardinia

As per the italian government decree of 26 April 2020 , all individial sporting activities are allowed. To do Kitesurf is therefore allowed in Italy if done individually.

Regarding the Kite school, we are waiting for the government’s green light for teaching Kitesurf. We are ready, we have implemented a series of “covid free measures” to guarantee the safety and that are explained below.
Currently (May 2020), flights to the sa

In addition, the Government of Sardinia has clarified, with ordinance n.20 of 02.05.2020 and with the clarifications of 09.02.2020,  that sea sporting activities are allowed. In those official documents it has been clarified also that to carry out all sporting activities people can move throughout all Sardinia.

As you can see in the below local newspaper of Sardinia, people is allowe to kitesurf in Sardinia:

Stay tuned on this page! It will be updated whenever there are news.

Why Kitesurfing in Sardinia is Coravirus free – Covid Free?

Since March 2020 and till now (May 2020), in order to avoid the spread of the corona virus / covid-19, people not resident in Sardinia can enter in Sardinia only in the case of a really valid reason and only after the approval of the Sardinia goverment. People who have been/are allowed to enter in Sardinia for a really valid reason had to remain in isolation / quarantine for a period of two weeks. Flights and ships to Sardinia should be available again for everybody starting from  15 June 2020, as you can read in this post of L’Unione Sarda, the most important newspaper of Sardinia.

Currently, in Sardinia, serological tests are being started (e.g in Villasimius, see this post of La Nuova Sardegna) in order to isolate positive people and make the region free from corona virus / covid-19 free.

For the next period, flights and ships to and from Sardinia would be reallowed to People / Tourists that undergo a serological test in order to keep Sardinia a corona virus / covid free island.

In this context, shops, markets, pharmacies, etc and people are respecting the rules imposed by government decrees and local ordinances.

Finally, individual sports such as kitesurfing are allowed being corona virus / covid free (kitesurfing and other nautical sports even more sure, given that the spread of the corona corona in the open water is practically zero).

Stay tuned on this page! It will be updated whenever there are news.

How KiteGeneration operates during Covid-19 – Corona Virus period

The operation of KiteGeneration during the Corona Virus / covid-19 pandemic is carried in compliance with safety and hygiene measures required by authorities and necessary to ensure high safety standards for customers and guests as well as employees and collaborators.

As water sports center, all actictivities of kitesurfing, windsurfing and SUP, rental, etc take place outdoors on an open water and are likely safer than others due to the absence of spread of the virus in water environment. Anyway, those activities have to be carefully managed due to the inter-personal contacts and air transpiration. For this reason,  a series of measures have been implemented to mitigate the potential Corona Virus – Covid 19 risk for customers, employees and collaborators.

Measures applied during kitesurfing, Windsurfing, SUP and other activities

Specifically, the following general measures are applied at KiteGeneration during the teaching of Kisturfing / Windsurfing / SUP / etc to contain the potential spread of Corona Virus – Covid-19:

  1. Personal hygiene and safety
  2. Workplace hygiene and safety
  3. Customers and guests hygiene and safety
  4. Employees and collaborators hygiene and safety

1. Personal hygiene and safety

  • hands: hand washing (at least 30 seconds) with soap products and not shaking hands in greeting;
  • sneezing and coughing “indoor”: sneezing and coughing in indoor places only in disposable paper handkerchiefs and immediate disposal in a waste basket with cover;
  • avoid touching mouth, nose, eyes with your hands;
  • masks: wear (fancy) respiratory masks and gloves when inter-personal distances are lower than 2 meters.

2. Workplace hygiene and safety

  • interpersonal contacts. avoid close contact among people, both employees and customers, respecting the minimum safety distance of 2 meters, wearing masks and gloves when distances are lower than 2 meters;
  • floor markings that provide the necessary safety distance in the indoor places
  • signs and walking routes: sign and walking routes are showed in order that people have as little contact as possible with each other when boarding the boats, when handing out material, etc;
  • use of common facilities only individually;
  • availability of disinfectant dispensers where needed;
  • workplaces regularly cleaned and ventilated;
  • packed food and drinks are available in order to avoid food contamination;
  • pictograms for hand washing, spacing and other hygiene in the toilet and changing room;
  • large and organized parking spaces for customers.

3. Customers and guests hygiene and safety

Additionally to the personal and general workplace hygiene and safety rules and measures described above, some other measures, related to guest and customers, to contain the spead of Covid-19 – Corona Virus are:

  • customers who have to fill out the documents should disinfect their hands on the dispenser beforehand pens or tablets
  • when registering, customers should confirm in writing that they have had no contact with infected persons up to this point and do not suffer from typical corona symptoms;
  • each customer receives a small gift in the form of a disinfectant bottle and respiratory mask, which he/she should always have with him/her.

4. Employees and collaborators hygiene and safety

Other additional measures for the working team of KiteGeneration are:

  • respiratory masks: training on correct wearing, replace masks after prolonged use, use only when necessary
  • daily health check of employees and collaborators (COVID 19 symptoms)
  • use of private trasportation by employees/collaborators to avoid the use of public transport;
  • limited number of employees/collaborators (key personnel).
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