Enjoy a Fantastic Team Building Activity in Sardinia

Are you looking for a Team Building Activity to enhance the sense of belonging of your employees and increase the interactions within teams, involving collaborative tasks? Address interpersonal relations within the group by enjoying dedicated activities proposed by KiteGeneration! Built your Team, enjoy a fantastic Team Building in Sardinia!

Why Team Building Activities are a great experience?

Team Building Activities createhappiness-boosting traditions” among colleagues, friends or family members!

Team building activities can be any activity permitting to share relaxed moments and to empathize with other people such as spending free and working time together.

Which are the Team Building Activities and Corporate Events proposed by us?

We are specialized in fun and outdoor Team Buildings. The main Team Building Activities offered by our company are focused on:

  • Water Sports and activities: kitesurfing, stand up paddle (SUP), windsurfing and boat tour and snorkelling;
  • Sensory experiences: Cooking Class, Sample of best wines of Sardinia, Dinners with traditional foods, Themed events.

In particular, our Team Building Activities always aim to both create a collective experience and leave to each participant positive and constructive time and feeling. The way we reach that is by:

  • Water Sport Team Building: it takes place at our headquarters in Punta Trettu and in the nearest beach, in the south-West of Sardinia (in front of Sant’Antioco Island), where participants can take a course to approach to kitesurf / windsurf / Stand Up Paddle (SUP);
  • Team Building Tour
    Team Building in a Boat Tour, Cagliari (Sardinia)

    Team Building in Tour: rubber dinghy tour with snorkeling both at our headquarters in Punta Trettu, with tours to Sant’Antioco, Carloforte Islands or at the mining area of Porto Flavia, and in Cagliari, with tours around the Sella del Diavolo or Villasimius;

  • Sensory Team Building: this is offered both in Cagliari and in Punta Trettu and consists in a Cooking Lab and Dinner, where the preparation of typical Sardinian or Italian dishes (to be selected according to the season and the theme of the event) are carried out by participants under the supervision of the chef, in order to convey the preparation skills and the philosophy that is hidden in each dish.

If required, we can also organize different team buildings, e.g. how to give a massage, City Tour together, yoga class, to be agreed in advance.

How do we build your team building activities?

Here under some points that we consider to organize the team building and make it endeavor a successful one:

  • Define the team building activity.
  • Get outdoors.
  • Make the activity accessible and enjoyable for everyone, with a challenges that reduce stress and inject some fun.
  • Set clear expectations.
  • Schedule the activity.
  • Encourage involvement and collaboration, not competition.
  • Get some memories.
  • Gather feedback.


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How long does it take a Team Building Activity?

All described Team Building activities can be carried out from a minimum of 2,5 hours. There is no maximum limit; this depends on the requests, needs and on the type of activity (we have also organized team building activities for several days).

Where we propose our team building activities?

We propose our Team Building Activities in Cagliari, the capital of Sardinia, and in Punta Trettu, in the South-West of Sardinia.

Different locations from Cagliari and Punta Trettu can be possible, by agreement.

Which are the minimum and the maximum number of people for our Team Buildings?

All the activities described can be carried out from a minimum of 8 people.
Regarding the maximum number of people, we are able to manage:

  • 60 people, a our facilities in Punta Trettu;
  • 30 people, in Cagliari, a our facilities in Cagliari.

How much does it cost to organize a team Building Activity?

The cost of a Team Building Activity depends on different factors as number of people, duration, period of the year.

For more information and a quote, please contact us.

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