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Kite Course for Beginners in Sardinia

New! Our Kite course for beginner has got two very important additional improvements to be added to the normal Kite Course!

  • The First improvement: After 4 hours of lessons, our kiteschool will lend you a Kite Trainer (totaly safe to be used after 4 hours of lesson) in order you could improve the kite control! In this way, at the second lesson, you will have a plus for the remaing kite course hours!
  • The Second improvement: After each lessons, we will send you some documentation/tutorial where you could see what you have learned during the kite lesson with the instructor and learn additional notions that usually are not part of the lesson with the instructor!

The two above listed improvements, would be added for free to the normal kite course for beginners here below described.

Description of the Kite Course for Beginners

The Beginner Kite Course is addressed to people who like to learn to kitesurf, from the kite controlling untill the hang glinding on the sea.

By the end of the Beginner Kite Course, you will practice getting up on the board for your first ride. During the course, you will improve kite piloting with power, one hand kite piloting, body dragging.

We have different kinds of Beginner Kite Course:

  • Beginner Kite Course (8 hours of kite course, 2/3 days)
  • Super Beginner Kite Course (12 hours of kite course, 3/4 days)
  • Pro Beginner Kite Course (15 hours of kite course, 4/5 days)

A longer kite course means better kite skills and level (here all the kite levels of the kite learning program).


The Beginner Kite Course of 8 hours is usually scheduled as follows:

1° – 2° hours

  • theory (rules and security systems, winds, meteorology, kite flight theory)
  • setting and unsetting the kite
  • taking off (or launching) and land the kite
  • controlling the kite during the flight in the different areas of the flight window

3° – 4° hours

  • managing the kite during the flight
  • adjusting the kite during the flight
  • body-dragging
  • re-launching the kite from the water
  • making the kite fly with one hand walking upwind

5° – 6° hours

  • making practice on flight and control of the kite
  • making the kite fly with one hand walking upwind with the board on hand
  • body-dragging with the table

7° – 8° hours

  • inserting your feet in the foot-straps while keeping the kite with one hand
  • first starts with the board (water-start)
  • hang gliding on the sea
  • maintaining the correct position with the body during navigation


Entry Level: Students must be able to swim


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