Which Level of Kite am I?

Taking in account the Kite Levels (Levels of ability on kitesurfing), we can divide kitesurfers in 2 main groups: Beginners and Advanced:

  • Advanced on kitesurfing are people that already did kitesurfing lessons and that are able to ride upwind (they have reached the Kite Level 5 of ability on kitesurfing);
  • Beginner on kitesurfing are people that have never done kitesurf or people that did kitesurfing lessons in the past but have not yet reached the level 5 of the kite learning scale (people not able to ride upwind).

I am not Advanced but I had kite lessons in the past. Which is the Kite Course for me?

In case you are not completely beginner as you have already taken kite lessons in the past, and you would like to improve your kite ability and get the next kite level, consider that:

  • in order do not loose time, we will not start from the beginning if you do not need it: we will check your kite level at the first kite lesson and we will start the kite course with the skills you need to improve;
  • the average time needed to most of people to complete each kite level is approximately 3 hours of kite lessons. So, with a kite course of 3 hours, you should be able to get one kite level, with a kite course of 6 hours you should be able to get two kite levels, with a kite course of 9 hours you should be able to get three kite levels, and so on. For exemple, if your Kite Level is 3 and you would like to get Kite Level 4, you would need approximatly 3 hours of kite lessons (so you would need a kite course of three hours).

Anyway, please note that the individual attitudes to learn kitesurfing can be very different from student to student. Those attitudes can depend on age, athletic and mental conditions, etc, and therefore the time needed to learn kitesurf can be different for each student.

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