VDWS Kitesurfing Levels

In order to identify properly the abilities of kiters, VDWS has identified 7 kite levels plus one theory level.

The 7 VDWS Kitesurfing Levels

The 7 VDWS Kitesurfing Levels are:

  1. Kite Level 1: Safety Basics, Getting Ready, Start Kite Flying, Take Off
  2. Kite Level 2: Kite Flying, Kite Relaunch, Bodydrag
  3. Kite Level 3: Waterstart, Going Downwind for a short distance
  4. Kite Level 4: Going Downwind, Changing direction, Keep Position to Wind, Basic Jibe
  5. Kite Level 5: Going Upwind
  6. Kite Level 6: Basic Jumps and Carved Jibes, or Transition Jumps
  7. Kite Level 7: Rotation or Kiteloop, Grabs, One Foot, Board Off or Railey.

After the Kite Level 3, a theory test on Basic theoretical kite knowledge is foreseen.

To be considered independent, kite level 5 is required.

International VDWS Kite Licence

VDWS, International Water Sports Association

Our Kitesurf Center, officially recognized by VDWS, can release the VDWS international Kite Licence-card by paying an additional fee.  This licence, with its specific licence number, aims to illustrate the kite-apprenticeship to other kite centers in order to rent and to continue your kite learning, and to local authorities when needed. Every passed level will be confirmed and recorded in the Kite Licence-card by a corresponding kite level sticker.

To be considered independent kiter and be allowed to rent kite equipment, you need to get the kite level 5.

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