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Tandem kitesurfing Sardinia

Tandem Kitesurfing in Sardinia
Tandem Kitesurfing in Sardinia

Try the new kite experience of KiteGeneration, the Tandem kitesurfing!

Tandem Kitesurfing is the quickest and most thrilling way to learn how to fly the kite whilst simultaneously finding your feet on the board! You will be securely attached to your instructor who will help you to safely navigate the water and guide you through what to do to get more speed and how to slow down.

Kitesurfing in tandem is an unique and modern technique of teaching kitesurfing. Any skills aren’t required! You can start even if you’re a newbie. Whether you have had a few lessons or you are a total beginner, this truly is the best way to feel the freedom the kite brings and to hone your skills on your way to becoming an independent kitesurfer.

The Tandem kite experience, available with KiteGeneration, Kiteschool in Cagliari Sardinia, is:

  • for those of you who want to try kitesurfing without studing it;
  • great if your skills stopped at some point and you can’t go on… so if you stopped on waterstarts or you’re afraid of jumps you can be sure that tandem kitesurfing will break all the barriers!
  • mostly suited for kids and girls, generally under 50 kg.
Tandem Kitesurfing in Cagliari Sardinia
Tandem Kitesurfing in Cagliari Sardinia

Tandem means double progress!


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