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Strapless Kitesurf Course in Sardinia

Kitesurfing in Sardinia with KiteGeneration, Lucas Rey Capu Mannu, Sardinia
Kitesurfing in Sardinia

Are you coming to Sardinia and would you like one of the ultimate way to have fun while kitesurfing? so, Learn Strapless KiteSurf in Sardinia with our Strapless Kite Course!

Strapless Kitesurf Course: description and tips

Thinking about to start with riding strapless kite Surf board? We can teach you how to strapless Surf riding with our Strapless Kite Surf Course!

With our strapless kite course you will learn all you need to know to go riding safely on a surf board and having fun from the beginning.

Strapless Kite Surf Course in Sardinia
Strapless Kite Surf Course in Sardinia

You would learn to water-start, riding and turning with a surf-board.  As you progress, or if you are not beginner, we can add some more elaborated turns, little jumps, wave riding.

We will fit the Strapless Kite Course to your level, so don’t worry!

Strapless Kite Surf Course: Details

Who can attend the Strapless Kite Course?

Strapless Kite Course is designed to people who already know how to kitesurf up-wind and confidently with a twin-tip (a standard kite board). Strapless Kite Surf Course is best suited to those who can already kitesurf confidently with a normal board, because in strapless kitesurfing you won’t be attached to the board, being harder to stay on, keep balanced and control the kite at the same time.

Instead, if you are a surfer who wants to enjoy more days in the waves, you should start with a regular kite course to learn how to maneuver the kite.

What you will learn in the Strapless Kite Surf Course?

Strapless KiteSurf Course in Sardinia
Strapless KiteSurf Course in Sardinia

We will fit the Strapless Kite Course to your level, so don’t worry!

Depending on your level and your goals, you would learn:

  • strapless water-start,
  • strapless kite surf riding ;
  • turning with a strapless surf-board.
  • little jumps,
  • wave riding.

What is included in the Strapless Kite Surf Course?

Everything you need for the strapless kite course:

  • Qualified instructors,
  • RC / accidents insurance,
  • Kite Surf Equipment (Kite, Bar, Surf Board, Wetsuit, Helmet),
  • fun,
  • Transportation (If necessary)

How Long Takes to Learn Strapless Kite Surf Course?

It will depend on your previous kite skills and what your strapless goals are. An intermediate kiteboarder can learn to ride a strapless surf board with just 1 or 2 lessons. But if you are looking to turns, to master the wave riding or some strapless tricks, more lessons and a lot of practice on your own would be needed.

Are Strapless Kite Surf Lessons Private Or Group?

Our Kite School does not offer Group lessons.We Just offer:

  • Private Kite Lessons (1 instructor/1 kite dedicated to the student )
  • Semi-private courses/lessons (1 instructor/1 kite dedicated every 2 or maximum 3 students). Semi-Private Courses can be offered just to 2 or 3 friends that come togheter and do the course/lessons in the same days.

How the Strapless Kite Surf Lessons can be booked?

Would like to enjoy the Strapless Kite Course in Sardinia with us?

Well! 🙂

So now you should follow the instructions at the kite Courses/Camps registration page, by clicking here..

In case you have some doubts or you need more information, you can read the notes at our services/prices page and our FAQs. Then, if you still need further clarifications, please contact us by using our contact form.

Thanks and …. anyway, have a good stay and a good wind in Sardinia 🙂

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