How to rescue a Board and a Kiteboard, What to do in case of Lines Tangled

Board rescue

Bringing to someone the board his has lost, is a true courtesy. Before trying to rescue a board and bringing it back to its owner, make sure your kite is powered up, as you will only have one hand for steering and therefore it will be
less efficient and simple than normal.

Approach the board from downwind. lt’s important to know where you want to grab the board and hold it; you can either grab a handle or a strap. Put the
board either on your lap, hold it at the handle or drag it behind you. You will most likely only have one hand free to move the kite actively.

Approaching the kitesurfer that has lost the board, make sure your kites do not tangle, and drop the board downwind of kitesurfer. Drop the board downwind!

Grab/hold a board:

  • At the grab handle
  • At the front strap
  • At the rail near the front fins (like in a Board Off)

Kite Rescue

A free and unsecured kite that is dragging and flying  over the water is a serious security threat. The rescuer needs to grab the kite correctly in order to transport it back to the beach safely.

Approach: go riding from upwind and approach the kite slowly. Check the situation of the lines and bar first.

After grabbing the kite firmly and securely at the front tube, you should move in the closest safety beach / place.

IMPORTANT: Stay free of lines dangling or hanging around!

Note: You can even connect / grab the kite, with the kite leash, to the kite pump leash.

Lines tangled

The lines are tangled when Two kites fly into each other and the lines tangle.

In this situation, often:

  • Steering, powering/depowering and quick releasing are limited or sometimes even impossible – high danger potential!
  • The complete separation from the kite gear needs to
    be an option at all times!

Kite Stay controllable in the Sky

  • Follow the instructions of the more experienced
  • Steer/fly kites apart or untangle by changing position
  • In case one kite went through the lines of the other, get
    the bar through the lines by walking or swimming.

Quick release and back to the beach

  • Both kiters quick release.
  • Kites fall onto the water without power.
  • In case one or both kites still have power, pilots should
    separate themselves from their gear completely.

Important noteabout Line Tangled

After a line tangle, it is necessary to check your lines carefully (they can be damaged) and replace them if necessary.



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