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Punta Trettu Sardinia Kitesurf: the best kite spot with flat and shallow water

Punta Trettu, the paradise of kitesurfing in Sardinia

Flat and shallow water

Great kite spot with flat and shallow water that allow you to learn kitesurfing and kitesurf in a really easy way.

Kite courses

Learn to kitesurf in Punta Trettu, choose the kite course that better fir your needs. Have a look and find more info here.

Kite school

Choose a recognized kite school, learn in the safest and best way and with the proper equipment. More info here.

Punta Trettu Sardinia Kitesurf, four words that say it all: Punta Trettu, the kitesurfing paradise in Sardinia. Punta Trettu, in the south of Sardinia is a tip of land, just opposite the island of Sant ‘Antioco, famous all over the world as a perfect place for kitesurfing: flat water, shallow water and steady winds.

Shallow Water and Flat Water in Punta Trettu like in a lagoon

A part  the steady winds blowing in Punta Trettu, this kite spot owes his popularity to the shallow water and to the flat water similar to a lagoon. These characteristics make Punta Trettu perfect for all levels, even with strong winds: Punta Trettu is a perfect kite spot for beginenrs that can stand up and relax while learning kitesurf, and great for intermediate and advanced kitesurfers that can practice and learn new tricks. The shallow and flat waters, and the wide open spaces are the best to learn kitesurfing and to build new kite technique.

Kite Lessons at Punta Trettu Kite Beach Sardinia
Kite Lessons in Punta Trettu Sardinia

Love at first sight with Punta Trettu Sardinia Kitesurf

Punta Trettu is a “straight tip” of land that “connects” Sardinia with the Kite Spot of Punta Trettu Kite Beach . There is a small beach to set-up the kites. Better to launch the Kites at the south of this beach, far from trees and other obstacles, where the water is very shallow and sometimes, depending on the tide, the sand of the bottom can be also out of the water. For this reason, avoid to kitesurf in this area: in fact, the fantastic shallow water of the kite spot of Punta Trettu can be dangerous if too shallow, for exemple when jumping ot trying water starts or some tricks.

Punta Trettu Kitesurf Sardinia
Punta Trettu Sardinia Kitesurf

The winds in Punta Trettu Sardinia

The best winds in Punta Trettu are the Mistral, blowing from north-west, and the Scirocco, blowing from South-East. The Mistral is almost always stronger than what is expected by the wind forecasts being often supported by local thermal winds: it not unsual to find the wind in Punta Trettu 5-10 knots stronger than what is expected by the weather forecasts.

The Levante, that blows from East, enters rather clean in Punta Trettu. Punta Trettu, Cagliari and Chia are the only kite spots of Southern Sardinia where this wind blows well.

The Ponente, that blows from West, and Libeccio, that blows from South West, also work well if they are strong.

Also the Tramontana, blowing from North, works well even if can be gusty and very strong.

When to Kitesurf in Punta Trettu Kitesurf Beach

Obviously, during the winter season, the winds are usually stronger and the temperatures colder than the summer, but the kite spot of Punta Trettu is a good kite destination all the year round.

Where to Stay in Punta Trettu Sardinia

Punta Trettu is still a wild area and the services and facilities available here are not so many. Let’s see which Bars, Restaurants, Accommodations, Kite Centers are available in Punta Trettu Sardinia.

Camping, Camper and Vans areas in Punta Trettu

There are not official campings in Punta Trettu (italian laws do not allow to create this kind of facilities in Punta Trettu at the moment) and free camping, as in whole Sardinia, is strictly forbidden.

In the area of Punta Trettu you can instead find companies, as the Punta Trettu Kite Center Sardiniathat are offering services (water and electricity supply, showers, toilets, bbq,internet wi-fi, etc) for people that love to travel with their Campers and Vans,

Camping Punta Trettu, Camper Van area in Punta Trettu Sardinia
Camper and Van Area in Punta Trettu

Punta Trettu Accommodation

If you are looking for Punta Trettu Accommodation to stay directly at the Kite Spot of Punta Trettu, there are few accommodations: few holiday homes and private rooms, like the ones offered by the KiteGeneration Punta Trettu Kitesurf House..

Kite Center in Punta Trettu Sardinia

At Punta Trettu there are some Kite Schools and Kite Centers that offer kite services as kite courseskite campskitesurf rental, rescue, Kite storage, and more. One of these Kite Centers is our Punta Trettu Kite Center Sardinia, just renewed, where we can offer:

  • Kite School services;
  • Food and Drink Services;
  • Accommodations;
  • Relax area, swimming pool, solarium available for guests;
  • free Wi-fi for guest;
  • Free Parking for Guests;
  • Toilette facilities;
  • Hot Showers for guests;
  • Shop with brands North / Mystic : at The Punta Trettu Kite Center you can buy t-shirts, sweatshirts, harness, kite. boards and wetsuits by North and Mystic, both new and used;
  • and more!
Punta Trettu Kitesurf Center Sardinia
Punta Trettu Kite Center Sardinia

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