Packing a Kite

Packing a Kite means means deflating the kite and separating it into parts for transport and / or storage.

There is no specific order necessary when packing a kite.

Wrapping up the lines on the bar

Wrap up the lines on the bars ends. Afterwards use the rubber bands at the bar’s ends to secure them.

Disconnect the kite

Opposite way of the attachment process (see the post Setting Up the Kite).

Deflating and Rolling-up the kite

Pick up the kite, turn it and find a good place for deflatlng and rolling it up (dry, no sand, soft). Open the deflate valve, the one-pump-clips and the struts’ valves. Grab one tip and let the kite lay leeward, away from you. Roll up the kite towards it’s center, keep it as clean as possible and press the air out of the struts while rolling. Move over to the second side, roll it to the middle, fold it and put lt into its bag together with the bar.

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