Kiteboarding Manual Kiteschool

Kitesurfing Manual

  1. What is Kitesurfing
  2. Kite Theory and Wind: Upwind and Downwind, Wind Directions, Port and Starboard
  3. The Wind Window where the Kite fly
  4. Kite History and Development: C, Bow, Delta, Foil Kites
  5. Aerodynamics of Kites: How does a kite fly?
  6. Kite Bar: Purpose and function of the bar components
  7. Kite Lines: type and features of the kite lines
  8. The Kite Boards: Parts and characteristics of a Twin Tip
  9. Technical Wear for Kitesurfing
  10. Setting Up a Kite
  11. Packing a Kite
  12. Safety on Kiteboarding
  13. Kitesurfing Self Rescue and Techniques to solve critical situations
  14. How to rescue a Board and a Kiteboard, What to do in case of Lines Tangled
  15. How to Launch a Kite
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