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Kite Foil Gold Cup 2016 in Gizzeria, Italy

Kite Foil Gold Cup 2016 Gizzeria Italia Maxime Nocher a Cagliari in Sardegna
Maxime Nocher in Cagliari, Sardinia

Welcome back to the Kite Foil Gold Cup! From 13 to 17 July 2016, the Hang Loose Beach club in Gizzeria, south of Italy, will host the first round of the 2016 Kite Foil Gold Cup, the World Cup of Kitesurf. Here below the lastest news as Flight Assignments and Rankings

Axel Mazeela is the winner of the First Act of 2016 Kite Foil Gold Cup in Italy. Second Maxime Nocher, third O. Bridge. 

Here below, the summary of the event.

Day 4 – 17 July 2016: Kite Foil Gold Cup 2016, Italy

Good morning All. Today Skippers meeting at 10:00, first possible warning 11:00.


Gold Flight

Race Gold 5

  • first lap: olly, maxime, trittel
  • second lap: olly, maxime, axel, flo trittel, rikki
  • third lap – results gold 5: olly, maxime, axel, rikki – flo exploded after rounding the gate

Race Gold 6

  • first lap:
  • second lap: maxime, olly, trittel, gruber, axel
  • third lap – results gold 6: maxime, olly, flo trittel, axel, flo gruber

Race Gold 7

  • clear start for gold race 7 – big tangle at the start ! rikki was in that tangle
  • first lap: first lap: olly, maxime, axel, flo trittel, Titouan
  • second lap: olly 15 seconds ahead, then maxime, axel, flo trittel, titouan
  • third lap – results gold 7: finish gold 7: olly 25 seconds ahead of maxime, then axel, flo trittel, flo gruber

Race Gold 8

  • first lap: olly, flo trittel, maxime, rikki, flo gruber
  • second lap: olly, maxime, flo trittel, rikki, flo gruber
  • results gold 8:olly, flo trittel, flo gruber, maxime

Race Gold 9

  • axel had an incident on the first upwind. restarting now.axel and olly where in that incident on the first upwind. olly getting rescue
  • first lap: trittel, rikki, gruber
  • second lap: trittel, gruber, rikki, maxime in fifth
  • third upwind: maxime, gruber, trittel
  • results gold 9: maxime, gruber, trittel, rikk

Race Gold 10

  • this will be the final gold race for the second discard
  • first lap: olly, axel, maxime, rikki, gruber
  • second upwind: olly, axel, maxime, rikki, gruber
  • second lap: olly, axel, maxime – rikki went to the finish line accidently !
  • last upwind: olly, axel, maxime
  • olly and axel neck on neck to the finish line
  • results gold 10:olly, axel, maxime, adrian geilsinger, flo gruber

Full results Gold 

Day 3 – 16 July 2016: Kite Foil Gold Cup 2016, Italy

Skippers meeting today at 11:00, first possible warning at 12:00. Here below the Flight Assignments, results and overall rankings

Gold Flight

Race Gold 1

  • first lap: rikki, maxime, axel
  • second lap: axel mazella, rikki, flo gruber. rikki goes for a split to the outside
  • third lap – results gold 1: axel, maxime, rikki, flo grouber

Race Gold 2

  • first lap: axel, maxime, flo gruber. rikki in 5th
  • second lap: axel, maxime, rikki
  • maxime crashed on the thrid downwind. neck on neck with rikki now
  • third lap – results gold 2: axel, maxime, rikki

Race Gold 3

  • first lap: flo trittel, axel, olly
  • second lap: axel, flo trittel, maxime
  • axel and flo trittel with a huge lead at the last top mark
  • trittel crashed on the downwind… lost his board and place
  • third lap – results gold 3: axel, flo trittel, rikki, nocher, o. bridge

Race Gold 4

  • first lap: maxime, rikki, flo gruber
  • second upwind: o. bridge, gruber, maxime
  • second lap: o. bridge, gruber, rikki
  • third lap – results gold 4: o. bridge, gruber, rikki, maxime, axel

Full results Gold 

 For the Overall Results and Ranking after Gold, Silver, Bronze races of 16 July 2016, Click here

Video of Races of 17 July 2016

Flight Assignments – 16 July 2016


Day 2 – 15 July 2016: Kite Foil Gold Cup 2016, Italy

Hard conditions today with strong wind from North and just 2 races per Flight.

Skippers meeting tomorrow at 11:00, first possible warning at 12:00.

Here below the Results after 7 races.

Results after 7 races

  1. Andrea Riccardo Leccese – 6.0 points
  2. Axel Mazella – 6.0 points
  3. Maxime Nocher – 8.0 points
  4. Mario Calbucci – 13.0 points
  5. Oliver Bridge – 13.0 points
  6. Florian Gruber – 14.0 points
  7. Florian Trittel Paul – 14.0 points
  8. Titouan Galea – 17.0 points
  9. Theo de Ramecourt – 20.0 points
  10. Blazej Ozog – 24.0 points
  11. Theo Lhostis – 26.0 points
  12. Guy Bridge – 27.0 points
  13. Benni Boelli – 29.0 points
  14. Bruno Lobo – 30.0 points
  15. Andrea Beverino – 31.0 points

For the Overall Results and Ranking after 7 races, Click here.

Goldcup Gizzeria Qualification Race 7 (Florian Gruber vs. Maxime Nocher)

Flight Assignments – 15 July 2016

Day 1 – 14 July 2016: Kite Foil Gold Cup 2016, Italy

Video of 2016 IKA KiteFoil Gold Cup Italy – Day One

Results after 5 races

  1. Andrea Riccardo Leccese – 4.0 points
  2. Axel Mazella – 4.0 points
  3. Maxime Nocher – 5.0 points
  4. Oliver Bridge – 8.0 points
  5. Mario Calbucci – 8.0 points
  6. Florian Trittel Paul – 9.0 points
  7. Titouan Galea – 9.0 points
  8. Theo de Ramecourt – 11.0 points
  9. Florian Gruber – 12.0 points
  10. Andrea Beverino – 15.0 points
  11. Theo Lhostis – 15.0 points

Full results of Italy Kite Foil Gold Cup 2016 after 5 races: Click here

Live Kite Foil Gold Cup 2016

Flight Assignments


What is Kite Foil

The Kite Foil or Hydrofoil has become one of the most sophisticated ways to glide over the water and feel amazing emotions: with the Hydrofoil it seems to fly over the water, with a drastic reduction of the resistance and a incredible silence!

Here below a video done in Cagliari, Sardinia, for the Itaian TV main channel:

The Kite Foil Gold Cup 2016

Kite Foil Gold Cup 2016 Gizzeria Italia
Kite Foil Gold Cup 2016 Gizzeria Italia

The Kite Foil Gold Cup 2016, the World CUP of Kite Foil, this year will start from Gizzeria, in the south of Italy: this fantastic location will host the first of the three rounds (or four, the stage in Istanbul is still to be confirmed) provided by the circuit for 2016 (the three stages actually confirmed are: Gizzeria (Italy), Korea and Quatar.

The first stage of Kite Foil Gold Cup 2016 will start on July 13, 2016 and will end on July 17, 2016: they will be five days of amazing kite racing!

In Gizzeria they will race more than 50 riders representing over twenty countries: Italy. Argentina, Canada, France, UK, Germany, Spain, Austria, Germany, Portugal, Russia, USA, Switzerland.

The defending champion Maxime Nocher is the favorite

The favorite to win this first round of Kite Foil Gold Cup 2016 is  Maxime Nocher, World Champion and European Champion.

After Maxime Nocher, the other favorite riders are:

  • The French Julien Kerneur,
  • The English Oliver Bridge,
  • The German Florian Gruber, Peter Muller and Benni Boelli,
  • The Colombian Italian Andrea Riccardo Leccese,
  • The Spanish Florian Trittel.

Among the outsiders there are:

  • Guy Bridge (GBR),
  • Tony Vodisek (SLO),
  • Martin Dolenc (CRO),
  • Alejandro Climent Hernandez (ESP),
  • Simone Vannucci (ITA)
  • Andrea Beverino (ITA),
  • Mario Calbucci (ITA),
  • Lorenzo Giovanelli (ITA).

Among women, the favorite for the winning are:

  • Steph Bridge (GBR),
  • Elena Kalinina (RUS).

The brand that should win this first round of Foil Gold Cup 2016 should be among:

Among the Hydro Foil fins, the winner shold be one of the following brands:

Follow with us the first rounf of Kite Foil Gold Cup 2016 in Gizzeria

Stay tuned with KiteGeneration, and follow all the updates and rankings of the of the Gizzera Kite Foil Gold Cup 2016!

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